Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Just Love Her to Pieces!

As a professional photographer, I look at lots and lots and lots of photos.  I have become so critical ESPECIALLY when I take on the challenge of photographing my own kiddos.  They are what inspire me with everything I do.  In the spotlight today was my baby girl, Morgan.  It didn't take much to convince her to step in front of the camera - just the tutu that was delivered today.  (I won a custom tutu from Tutu Girlz. Thanks Michelle - she loved it!)

Morgan is a competitive gymnast.  The girl has got skillz (& I'm not just saying that).  I can sit and watch her flip, jump, stretch & point until I'm exhausted.  She trains for an absurd amount of hours a week, but she loves it and all her hard work has paid off.   Now as a proud mama, I must brag on my baby girl and mention that she was a state champion last year - WOO-HOO!!!

What is she doing when she's not in the gym?  She enjoys watching t.v. and shopping (she gets it honest), but just can't seem to resist gymnastics when she has some free time - especially on the trampoline.   Which is what inspired our HALLOWEEN TRAMPOLEEN session...

Everything seems so effortless for her.....(sigh)

She thought she was waiting on me, but I was admiring the back light...

Not that she needed any help flying, but I couldn't resist handing her a broom because I knew she would play it up good-- and oh boy did she!

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  1. I LOVE all these! She's the perfect lil' pumpkin!!!


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