Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Hostess with the Mostess & The Solar System

Congratulations Jessica you get 2 prizes...
1-  Portrait Party of 2010 with Most Guests
2-  Kid with bluest eyes

I would do a Blue Eyes Kid Contest, but it would be tough to beat out Maddie Grace.  Just check out these baby blues!

I first met Ms. Maddie five months ago at another portrait party.  Her mom decided to host a portrait party 2 weeks ago.  It was one, if not THE biggest portrait party I've had yet - 17 mini-sessions!!   We set up in a cow pasture ( I know sounds a little gross & if you would have seen my feet from wearing flip flops in a dew covered cow pasture....ewww) & had a great day (minus the gross feet & gnats).

So in the process of editing all 17 mini-sessions, I managed to have 5 other sessions (none of which have been edited yet) - 1 of which was the Aynor High School Girls' Tennis Team  A-N-D help my 4th grader build the solar system:

Here's a few more peeks from Jessica's portrait party, but be sure to check out all the images by clicking here

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