Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sneak Peek of Maternity Session - Tori's Belly

I got the chance to shoot another pregnant lady (you know what I mean - hehehe)  I love that I get to show Tori how beautiful her pregnant belly is and how stunning she looked on this particular afternoon.  Tori was a terrific model and was up to anything I threw at her and I am so excited to share these shots with you.
I decided to take a different approach while editing these.  Photography is a passion of mine & I love color photos just as much as black/white photos.  When I'm culling through my shots, it's very easy for me to pick which ones I want black & white.  How?  Well, in my opinion, black & white shots pinpoint detail - from lighting to the emotion in that moment.  Shadows & highlights play a big role in black & white shots and sometimes color shots lead your eye around the point of interest.  Images speak differently to people, with an entirely different message.  In fact, I think the whole mood of an image can be changed by the decision of how to show it.
Sometimes it takes a trained eye to see the shapes, tones and textures in a photograph as the point of interest.  I wanted Tori to be able to really appreciate her beautiful belly when she looks at these images and what better way than to present her images in black & white.

Canon is going to be a big sister!  Of course, she was hanging out with us during the shoot.
And had to get in on the fan action!
Did I mention that Tori was a terrific model?

Oh and baby's daddy is a MMA fighter so we did a little something special for him.  Isn't she a "knock out"?

Thanks for visiting my blog.  You can check out the rest of Tori's session here

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