Monday, October 31, 2011

Lyndi: Our Dancing Queen

IF you didn't know, I have an identical twin sister.  She too has 2 kids; a boy and a girl.  We both are in awe at what God has blessed us with and what He has blessed our children with.  Both of us (like many of you) want our kids to put 110% in whatever they do & have no limitations to their dreams.  
My niece, Lyndi, dreams of being a dancer.  So, I took advantage of her beautiful lines & home when I last visited her.  ;-)  Not only does she look like a dancer, but the little lady can DANCE.  Isn't she the most beautiful dancing vision you've ever seen?

Hey sis, instead of 1 canvas in her room, we may want to consider a wall gallery!

Dori + Jeremy {E-Session}

I feel so lucky to be working with these two.  I got to know a little more about them at their engagement session while getting lots of great shots (which explains all the pics in their sneak peek).  What a great combo they make - both of them so comfortable with one another and in front of the camera, it was awesome...clearly!

I always ask how they met and I have to show you what Jeremy showed me on his iphone when I asked how he proposed...
yep, what a romantic!!  
Can't wait for their wedding next year!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fisher {sneak peek}

It was great seeing Warren & Jennifer when we did their maternity session and I'm not gonna lie, I was really anticipating meeting their baby boy, Fisher.  I was hoping for a newborn session during his first week of life, but we can't ALWAYS get what we want.

Fisher came to see me at 5 weeks new.  Obviously, a 5 week old baby doesn't sleep and "mold" like a 5-10 day old baby, but they are still just as sweet and incredibly cute and Fisher was no exception!

He wasn't all that drowsy at first, but I was able to snap this canvas-worthy shot while he cat napped..
Another drawback with a 5 week old is you better believe the minute you move him to change a backdrop, he's gonna wake up. We decided to take Fisher outside because babies love feeling the warmth of the outdoors right?  Isn't it supposed to be like the thing to do to get babies asleep?  
While fighting with gnats & watching mom get peed on ;-), I was able to get this gorgeous image...
Then we went back inside (to cool down & avoid the gnats) & Fisher slept a good solid 10 minutes.  Score!!
And while we tried to get him fed & sleepy again, I introduced mom to Pinterest....and my boards...and then I grabbed my chalk!

So glad I was able to meet Fisher and spend some time with his mommy again.  I am looking forward to seeing them again soon!

Lots to Do!

I've been working for a week (minus Friday & Sunday) on the mini sessions.  If you need to kill some time, head on over to Marcia Todd Photography and check out all the galleries from Bobbi's Portrait Party. 
As you can see, there are some more fabulous sneak peeks coming soon - I can hardly wait to show you! ;-)

Shout Outs!

This is the last sneak peek of the mini sessions.  All of the sessions would not have been possible if it weren't for Bobbi.  She scheduled her portrait party with me back in the summer & I have had to turn away several portrait party inquiries since then because of scheduling conflicts.  
14 mini sessions in all.  I have been crazy sorting through the images to get them edited for her guests.  I hope everyone has enjoyed looking through their pics.  I have gained quite a few new clients and I want to give all of you a warm welcome and tell you that I hope to be working with you all in the future.
Bobbi, thank you THANK YOU for being such a wonderful client and hostess.  I had a really good time hanging with you and I appreciate all of your help throughout the day.  I certainly wouldn't have been able to do it without you.  
I'm so happy to be able to finally show you the images of you and your precious family.  I so hope you love them & God bless!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Filyaws {peek from mini session}

Some more familiar faces showed up to wrap up the day of mini sessions.  Sweet little Colton and his momma were the perfect pair.  Here are a couple of my favorites from our time together...

More peeks from the mini-sessions...

Mr. Dalton.
Miss Madison.

Senior: Luke {peek from mini session}

Who would take full advantage of a mini-session and get the senior portraits that will make Jostens jealous?  Luke did.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Woodle's {peek of mini session}

Well, this was an easy mini-session.  The whole family was easy-going and eager to make some memories.  I put a couple more in mom's sneak peek...she deserves it!!  ;-)
Enjoy your sneak peek Woodle family - the rest are on the website!  

Monday, October 24, 2011

More Mini Session Peeks

{insert writer's block here} 
Just enjoy these wonderful photos ;-)

The Singleton Brothers...

Brother & Sister enjoying their brand new cousin...

Lots of other peeks coming soon!

Portrait Party Peeks

Got a couple more mini sessions ready to post over the weekend between being on the road, tailgating and spending time with family & friends.  
The mini sessions are a chance for me to meet new faces and to see some that I've met and shot in the past which is really cool too.  It truly is a small world.  
Here's a couple of shots from The Hollifields' mini session...

 & The Tylers' mini session...