Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fisher {sneak peek}

It was great seeing Warren & Jennifer when we did their maternity session and I'm not gonna lie, I was really anticipating meeting their baby boy, Fisher.  I was hoping for a newborn session during his first week of life, but we can't ALWAYS get what we want.

Fisher came to see me at 5 weeks new.  Obviously, a 5 week old baby doesn't sleep and "mold" like a 5-10 day old baby, but they are still just as sweet and incredibly cute and Fisher was no exception!

He wasn't all that drowsy at first, but I was able to snap this canvas-worthy shot while he cat napped..
Another drawback with a 5 week old is you better believe the minute you move him to change a backdrop, he's gonna wake up. We decided to take Fisher outside because babies love feeling the warmth of the outdoors right?  Isn't it supposed to be like the thing to do to get babies asleep?  
While fighting with gnats & watching mom get peed on ;-), I was able to get this gorgeous image...
Then we went back inside (to cool down & avoid the gnats) & Fisher slept a good solid 10 minutes.  Score!!
And while we tried to get him fed & sleepy again, I introduced mom to Pinterest....and my boards...and then I grabbed my chalk!

So glad I was able to meet Fisher and spend some time with his mommy again.  I am looking forward to seeing them again soon!

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