Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Counting My Blessings

If you are a friend of mine on facebook or keep up with the fan page on facebook, you know that I had a bit of a crisis today.  I was scheduled for two shoots today (1) Newborn & (2) Family.  I was packing my things, grabbed my camera and a memory card, popped my memory card in my camera and something wasn't right.  My camera would not detect the card.  CRISIS!  I contacted Nikon.  My camera is on its way to the Nikon Service Center in New York as I type this post.
I'm considering my crisis just a blessing in disguise.  There's a saying that "God doesn't give you more than you can handle"  AMEN TO THAT!   I'm pretty sure that my prior plan of having this week free was supposed to stay that way and this morning was just another example of why I need to slow down!

I took full advantage of my day "off".  I got caught up on my editing (YAY ME!), designed Christmas cards for some clients, replied to emails, returned phone calls, folded laundry, cooked dinner and thought about my plan for Black Friday shopping ;-)

Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away and I'm sure we all have the same problem of countless blessings.  There's just not enough time in the day sometimes to do everything we want to do or everything we think we have to do.  So today I'm thankful for the time I was given to do what I did with the time I had.  I'm also thankful for 2 of the people that are at the top of "My Blessings" list and that my camera held on until today so that I could get some pictures of them last Sunday.

Yep, these are my blessings. handsome, soon to be 7 year old. beautiful, mature 9 year old.

Sorry kids....those gummy smiles come straight from your momma :-))

Several of these will be displayed as beautiful canvases on my wall....I can't wait!

Click HERE to see the rest of our session and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Eli & Cooper

OH WOW, I love how this session turned out.  Eli & Cooper (yes, they're twins) were so cute and full of energy.  We made our way to their back yard and it was perfect, to say the least.   This is my new favorite photo.....Get a load of this light!!!

Made our way a little further back in their yard to some hay bales..the boys were convinced they could move it.

But of course, you can't move a hay bale unless you take your shirt off (& show your tattoo)...

Next up, was dad's old truck that he's fixin' up - until then, it makes a nice toy for the boys!

And if you thought this session couldn't get any cuter, mom brings out these adorable hats!

Enjoyed seeing this family again.  It goes without saying that I totally have a soft spot for twins.  Wanted to post the sneak peek - you can see the rest of the images from this session by clicking HERE

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beautiful Floyd Family

My close friends and family get the back burner when it comes to time in front of the camera, but my BFF, Tiffany, got an extra session this year....just because.  Okay, I admit the family session that we did this summer was on an extremely windy day and my camera was acting fool because of all the humidity - Moving on...
The kids are at the age where they don't mind taking pictures as long as it's short & sweet and I better keep their attention or they drift off to La La land and have a perma fake grin.  Chad, just like every other man, was there just to make the wife happy.  Because if momma ain't happy, nobody's happy...right? 
I know without a doubt that Tiffany is going to l-o-v-e these pics.  I am happy in love with all of them!  As a matter of fact, I'm just a wee bit jealous and want to cut & paste my family's heads onto theirs ;-)  
Tiffany said she was wanting a beautiful portrait of her family to put over the fireplace (no pressure or anything).  I guess she's gonna have to get 1 or 2 more fireplaces (wink wink)
Take a peek at the beautiful Floyd Family.
I promise you this is a real family and not something out of a magazine...
 Chad was not fooling me - it's plain to see that he's loving this...

AND this....

Tiffany is just a little excited.  Do you blame her? 

As always, I loved hanging out with this family.  Enjoy the rest of their photos by clicking HERE

Monday, November 15, 2010

Newborn: Elijah Channing Barnes

The stork has sure been busy in Horry County!  I don't know if it's in the water,  but I know it was meant to be.  I got to meet little Elijah last week when he was 3 weeks new.  I set up my stuff, Elijah drifted into a milk coma while we kept him good and warm and he was a happy, sleepy baby for a couple of hours.  Elijah got to try all my hats and cocoons and modeled them quite nicely might I add!   I definitely think his home needs a large wall print of one of these.
Thanks Danielle & Bill for sharing your little man with me and I hope you cherish these photos...he won't stay this small (or quiet) long!  ;-)

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Peek at Zeke!

For all of you who have been wondering if I've had my shoot with my new nephew....but of course!!  I let him avoid my camera for 9 days and then I made my move!  And mmmmm, what a sweet lil treat!  It was right after his first bath and a feeding when I got started.  He was in a milk coma so I fired up the space heater, set up my newborn photo booth and got to work (although I would hardly call it that).
I had some things especially made for him including this owl hat & sak.  Who gives a HOOT when you're this CUTE?

And one of my favorite-est pics of all....him in the elf hat. (sighhh)

My friend, Jennifer, gets a standing O for the crocheted items....they were just what I wanted - Thanks Jennifer!

I'm not even half way done with editing his photos, but couldn't resist sharing these.  Back to work!

Sneak Peek of the Taylor Family

It seems as though it has been raining babies lately and there will be more (wink, wink) but I had to post these images because I love them and I am a little jealous because they are so different & fun & beautiful....just what I want for my family pics!!
So great to see and photograph the Taylor family a super cool prop don't ya think??

Now check all the images out by clicking HERE.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Shot, Sealed, Delivered...They're Yours!

I've been trying to figure out the best packaging of my photos for a while.  I believe PRESENTATION is EVERYTHING!  Seriously.  I think that as much time as I put into making sure you have the perfect shot, and as much money as you put into your order, you deserve it to be delivered "in style".

Sometimes I get asked "where do you get your ____?"  Well, you got questions, I got answers!

1. The Bags Inside the Bags:
When prints come back from the lab, I separate sizes.  Then I place the prints in a resealable bag with a backing board so they are protected, they don't fall out and don't bend.  I get all this from

2.  CD/DVD Cases:
I print my own CD/DVD labels and then secure the disks in a neat plastic case from

3.  Boxes:
My boxes come from Albums Inc.  I like them because you can order boxes individually instead of a case of 100.  The only downside, color selection is limited - I order the black proof boxes in the most common sizes.

4.  Bags/Ribbon/Tissue:
I just hit up local stores.  I have tons of ribbon.  I do different things with it, so I buy in bulk.  When I find bags I really like, I buy every one the place has.  Recently, I found white kraft bags at a steal so I bought a truckload.  The store is [BEEEEP]. (Sorry, I can't tell you all my secrets ;-)   A good tip is to stock up on this stuff after the holidays when it all goes on sale!

5.  Bookmarks/Stickers/Tags:
I usually print my own sticker labels that I slap on my kraft bags or boxes.  However, I've just revamped my stickers, bookmarks & gift tags.   I use for my mini cards and stickerbook.  The mini cards are awesome because you can get different images or designs on one set instead of buying 50 cards with the same image/design.  I punch holes in these and tie onto my package as gift tags.  The stickerbook is on it's way.  I plan to use the little round stickers to seal envelopes with orders I have to mail.  I order "thank you" bookmarks with my logo from my professional print lab to attach to my packages as well.  Punch a hole, tie on with ribbon & Wah-La!

A post is kinda boring without some photos so here are a few snapshots (with my iPhone) of some past packaging. (I told you I have been trying to figure it out for a while

None of these are my favorites, but it's a work in progress.  I'm always grateful for suggestions/advice so comment with anything you think would help a sista out!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Introducing James Michael McLain

I feel so honored whenever I'm chosen to deliver new parents the first set of portraits of their new bundle of joy.  It's awesome watching families grow - Jamie & Helen, I couldn't be happier to have photographed your sweet baby boy!
Here's James Michael McLain (his mommy likes to call him Sweet Cheeks) at 12 days old.

THIS is what I love about newborn photography...the details are so very special & babies change so quickly.  Find a photographer (like me!) who understands that those tiny details become so fuzzy years down the line.


Enjoy the sneak peek of Sweet Cheeks...his gallery will be posted soon on the website.

The Day Zeke was Born

I mentioned in an earlier post that my nephew was born last week.  Today marks 1 week since he entered this world.  1 week ago I witnessed the most amazing thing I've ever seen and will never forget - the birth of a child.  God truly is an artist, His creations are nothing less than a masterpiece.

I have a beautiful family including a beautiful sister-in-law.  I mean, just take a look at her maternity session
I had mentioned to my sister-in-law, Stephanie, during her pregnancy (and after she & her husband moved back to South Carolina from California) that I wanted to be in the delivery room to document the day.  Not necessarily help her birth the baby, but there to capture the exact moment he took his first little breath of air and used his vocal cords for the first time. 

I arrived at the hospital around 9:30am and Steph had already been induced, received her epidural and was sitting comfortably in her hospital bed.  The doctor had guesstimated that we would have a baby around 4pm so we had a while.  Other family members arrived to help us wait....I filed Steph's nails (anything to pass the time).  Around 11:30am - Steph had dilated to 5 so Daddy-to-Be and I went to grab a bite to eat because the doctor assured us we had plenty of time before Zeke would make his debut.  One hour later, we were back in the room when Steph's doctor came back to check her progress and all I heard was "You ready to have this baby?"  

And by God's grace, Zeke was born on October 28, 2010, at 12:40 p.m.  It was incredible and I sobbed happily for close to 1 hour - I was so overwhelmed with emotion, I'm surprised I could even get the shots I did.  And Steph....she was amazing!  It was nothing like what I see on t.v. with her screaming and glistening with sweat - she was so quiet, relaxed and in control - she's my hero!!

Today, he's 1 week old and enjoying life with his mommy, daddy and big sister.  So glad he's here, so glad he's healthy, and so glad I was there - It was such a honor to be in that delivery room with them - I truly am blessed.  Here's a VIDEO of that glorious day.

I'm willing to bet that I'll be posting some pics within a week to show off his his newborn session...I can't wait!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Introducing Lillie Crawford

After spending time with Tricia and having a great maternity session, I was so anxious to meet the little girl inside.  Lillie was 2 months new when I finally got to see her - she was awake most of the time I was there...drifting off every so often, but definitely sleepy.

Soooo, I'm packing most of my stuff up, chatting with Tricia & Lillie drifts into a deep sleep and I couldn't resist just a few more shots.   Lillie was an angel...

Don't you want to just scoop her up?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Introducing Dylan Marley Roberts

I had been watching Ashley post pics of Dylan's nursery on facebook so I was tickled pink when she contacted me to do Dylan's newborn shoot.  Dylan and I met less than two weeks ago when she was almost 3 weeks new.  Dylan had a lot of awake time while I was there, but one thing I've learned when shooting newborns....PATIENCE!  ;-)  Ashley & Jonathan (& Aunt Brie) were so much help in being patient with me by holding, waiting, soothing precious Dylan all in hopes of me getting that perfect photograph.   It certainly was evident that Dylan gets a lot of attention - especially from daddy and his musical abilities - wouldn't you love to be serenaded every night?

So I got this idea from a previous shoot (although we weren't able to make it work at the previous shoot) - We timed it just right for Dylan.....(insert AWWWWW here)

And right when I'm packing up to leave - we place Dylan in her bassinet for a peaceful nap and she snuggles right into this position.....

Ashley & Jonathan (& Aunt Brie) - Thanks so much to you guys for waiting it out with me and thanks for allowing me to photograph your new little girl!  Enjoy the sneak peek - her gallery will be posted soon.

Sanders Sisters

So I've been behind on blogging partly because I've been behind on editing.  It's happened before, it'll happen again I'm sure.  Last week was total chaos - my husband's grandmother passed away, my nephew was born & I had to prepare for a presentation at an elementary school for Fine Arts Day....all while preparing for Halloween and of course all my normal day to day stuff.

Back in the saddle now and ready to blog about a great photo session with some of the greatest lil' gals.  Meet McKinley & Lee-Caroline - a sister team that I just adore.  I enjoy seeing siblings together.  It's such an important relationship and one that helps all of us through the hard times, and helps us celebrate the good times as well.   These two are growing up so fast, before long they will be teenagers, going to college, getting married....I hope I get lots of photos of them before all that happens!

Morgan and I had a great weekend with them a couple weeks ago - we helped them shop for their outfits for the shoot and they helped us build her solar system.  They are super sweet girls and so glad we all are friends.  Here they are, the wonderful Sanders sisters.

You think they were having fun???

Can these girls strike a pose or what??

So much fun!!!   Check out all their images from our shoot by clicking HERE

OH and today is Election Day so don't forget to VOTE FOR MARCIA TODD PHOTOGRAPHY.  Thanks!!