Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sanders Sisters

So I've been behind on blogging partly because I've been behind on editing.  It's happened before, it'll happen again I'm sure.  Last week was total chaos - my husband's grandmother passed away, my nephew was born & I had to prepare for a presentation at an elementary school for Fine Arts Day....all while preparing for Halloween and of course all my normal day to day stuff.

Back in the saddle now and ready to blog about a great photo session with some of the greatest lil' gals.  Meet McKinley & Lee-Caroline - a sister team that I just adore.  I enjoy seeing siblings together.  It's such an important relationship and one that helps all of us through the hard times, and helps us celebrate the good times as well.   These two are growing up so fast, before long they will be teenagers, going to college, getting married....I hope I get lots of photos of them before all that happens!

Morgan and I had a great weekend with them a couple weeks ago - we helped them shop for their outfits for the shoot and they helped us build her solar system.  They are super sweet girls and so glad we all are friends.  Here they are, the wonderful Sanders sisters.

You think they were having fun???

Can these girls strike a pose or what??

So much fun!!!   Check out all their images from our shoot by clicking HERE

OH and today is Election Day so don't forget to VOTE FOR MARCIA TODD PHOTOGRAPHY.  Thanks!!

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  1. Marcia - You have outdone yourself AGAIN! Thank you for taking such beautiful pics of my girls!