Monday, November 8, 2010

A Peek at Zeke!

For all of you who have been wondering if I've had my shoot with my new nephew....but of course!!  I let him avoid my camera for 9 days and then I made my move!  And mmmmm, what a sweet lil treat!  It was right after his first bath and a feeding when I got started.  He was in a milk coma so I fired up the space heater, set up my newborn photo booth and got to work (although I would hardly call it that).
I had some things especially made for him including this owl hat & sak.  Who gives a HOOT when you're this CUTE?

And one of my favorite-est pics of all....him in the elf hat. (sighhh)

My friend, Jennifer, gets a standing O for the crocheted items....they were just what I wanted - Thanks Jennifer!

I'm not even half way done with editing his photos, but couldn't resist sharing these.  Back to work!

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