Friday, November 5, 2010

Shot, Sealed, Delivered...They're Yours!

I've been trying to figure out the best packaging of my photos for a while.  I believe PRESENTATION is EVERYTHING!  Seriously.  I think that as much time as I put into making sure you have the perfect shot, and as much money as you put into your order, you deserve it to be delivered "in style".

Sometimes I get asked "where do you get your ____?"  Well, you got questions, I got answers!

1. The Bags Inside the Bags:
When prints come back from the lab, I separate sizes.  Then I place the prints in a resealable bag with a backing board so they are protected, they don't fall out and don't bend.  I get all this from

2.  CD/DVD Cases:
I print my own CD/DVD labels and then secure the disks in a neat plastic case from

3.  Boxes:
My boxes come from Albums Inc.  I like them because you can order boxes individually instead of a case of 100.  The only downside, color selection is limited - I order the black proof boxes in the most common sizes.

4.  Bags/Ribbon/Tissue:
I just hit up local stores.  I have tons of ribbon.  I do different things with it, so I buy in bulk.  When I find bags I really like, I buy every one the place has.  Recently, I found white kraft bags at a steal so I bought a truckload.  The store is [BEEEEP]. (Sorry, I can't tell you all my secrets ;-)   A good tip is to stock up on this stuff after the holidays when it all goes on sale!

5.  Bookmarks/Stickers/Tags:
I usually print my own sticker labels that I slap on my kraft bags or boxes.  However, I've just revamped my stickers, bookmarks & gift tags.   I use for my mini cards and stickerbook.  The mini cards are awesome because you can get different images or designs on one set instead of buying 50 cards with the same image/design.  I punch holes in these and tie onto my package as gift tags.  The stickerbook is on it's way.  I plan to use the little round stickers to seal envelopes with orders I have to mail.  I order "thank you" bookmarks with my logo from my professional print lab to attach to my packages as well.  Punch a hole, tie on with ribbon & Wah-La!

A post is kinda boring without some photos so here are a few snapshots (with my iPhone) of some past packaging. (I told you I have been trying to figure it out for a while

None of these are my favorites, but it's a work in progress.  I'm always grateful for suggestions/advice so comment with anything you think would help a sista out!


  1. Marcia you should check out they have awesome products not sure if they have anything you could use..but it want hurt to check it out! But I think what you are already doing is fantastic!!Have a great Weekend!

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