Monday, November 15, 2010

Newborn: Elijah Channing Barnes

The stork has sure been busy in Horry County!  I don't know if it's in the water,  but I know it was meant to be.  I got to meet little Elijah last week when he was 3 weeks new.  I set up my stuff, Elijah drifted into a milk coma while we kept him good and warm and he was a happy, sleepy baby for a couple of hours.  Elijah got to try all my hats and cocoons and modeled them quite nicely might I add!   I definitely think his home needs a large wall print of one of these.
Thanks Danielle & Bill for sharing your little man with me and I hope you cherish these photos...he won't stay this small (or quiet) long!  ;-)


  1. He's the most handsome lil man in the world. Marcia you did a great job photographing my nephew!

  2. Oh Wow! He is beautimus!!

  3. Thank you! I promise we will be ordering these soon I PROMISE!! They are BEAUTIFUL! HE sure didn't stay quiet and still anymore hahahaha