Friday, January 11, 2013

Always be my baby

I've learned that my kids do pretty darn good with mini sessions as long as I keep it short, sweet & fun.  That means no longer than 30 minutes (20 minutes is really pushing it), no raising my voice or getting frustrated, and having really cool music playing on the iPhone.  This criteria is especially beneficial for Ret.  I knew the last thing he wanted to do was pose for my camera.   Morgan had done such a great job that I was antsy to get recent ones of him so that I could update some frames and work on a project that I saw on Pinterest. ;-)  The new year does it to me every time.  When the tree comes down and decorations are stored away again, I want to revamp my tables and walls.

I'm so proud of him.  He followed all my impromptus and gave me some images that I will cherish.  I know 9 year olds are not babies, but he's my baby.  

I found this hat at Marshall's.  His jersey number in baseball is #6 so it was perfect!

Ret is real quick to give me a fake smile, but he's very good at serious shots.  I love it.

 His blue eyes come from his dad's mom and his mom's dad.  Although one of his features I love the most is the freckle on his top lip.

 *My thoughts on boy sessions:  Layers. I love the layering look for boys as well as different hats.

Sneak Peek Dump

There were a few sessions that I didn't get to blog because of secrets and all the Christmas festivities.  Hope you all made wonderful memories in 2012, here are some sessions that I was able to accomplish before Christmas.  Enjoy!

The Brooks Family.

Emilie & Zach decided to do a special session for their mom for Christmas.  I heard that mom loved it!

My newphew, Cotes, who did way better with his session than we all thought.  I get so giddy looking at his images because of how serious he actually took it.  Is it just me or does he have model quality?  Get ready for some total cuteness...

Last session of 2012 was Miss Addison.  Sweetness at 6 weeks old.  The session was a complete pleasure - it was so good hanging with her mom, dad & grandma.