Thursday, August 25, 2011

Emilie: 2012 Senior Session {Sneak Peek}

I'm a firm believer that God makes certain people cross your path for a specific reason.  He certainly has put some exceptionally sweet people in my life.  (There is a reason that I'm blogging this info on this post - I'm getting to it)
My kids & I fell in love with a sweet young lady this summer - she was an answered prayer indeed!  Emilie.  She was in charge of my kiddos this summer while my hubby and I worked.  In no time at all she developed a relationship with my kids that I was so happy to see.  They adore her & so do I!
Emilie, I honestly do not think I can thank you enough for all that you did this summer to help me and keep my kids happy.  I am so grateful that we met and you needed a summer job  ;-)
And girl, you ROCKed your senior pics!  You were so natural in front of the camera...I loved it.  I know we were dodging storm clouds, but it was so worth it.  I'm so happy I was able to do this for you - it was the least I could do for all you've done for me.
So.....what you doing next summer? ~giggle~

Emilie Morgan Lambert ~ 2012
Favorite Food...Anything seafood
Ideal Job...Nurse Practitioner
I love my...Dog!

Favorite Quote...Take your time don't live life too fast troubles come and they will pass.

Some day I hope to...Travel the world.

You will never see me without my..."Fresh & Clean" body spray from Victoria's Secret.
I love to wear my...Miss Me jeans.
I will never...put anything harmful into my body.
My friends would say I'm...always smiling, patient, entertaining, practical.
During my senior year, I'm most looking forward to...Cheerleading competitions and being with my friends.

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