Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby Riggs - 4 days new {Sneak Peek} & Pullback Shots!!

Meet Mr. Riggs.  These pics were done when he was just 4 days new.  He didn't want to sleep for me at first, but the time waiting on him to cozy into my home studio was so worth it!   It gave me a chance to stare at him, hang out with his mom, his big sister & grandmother - which I enjoyed too.
Thanks for hanging in there with me guys, here is your sneak peek!

And for those of you wondering how all this comes together - I have some pull back shots to share with ya!

I set up using a backdrop stand with lots of blankets/fabric with yummy color & soft texture.  (I end up buying at least 1 new blanket/prop for every newborn session - I have quite a collection now)  

 No artificial or studio lights, just All Naturel! (wow, didn't see the little spider web on the top of the light - OOPS!)
 I slid my kitchen table out of my breakfast nook because that is the best light source I have.  It's in a corner with 2 windows (you'll see the other window in next pic).   Not to mention that one light blue wall makes a great reflector.   Oh and I have a come up with my own version of the "newborn nest" which includes a big square ottoman & a 48" round cushion.  {google newborn nest to see what I'm talking about}

Heater & heating pad is steady running and near the baby for that added warmth.  I also bump my air back so the bare baby doesn't get a chill.

That's the setup more or less.  If any of you have any questions, feel free to ask!  

Riggs' gallery will be finished shortly!

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