Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well, I'll be Yarned!

I made friends with a gal who has a special talent of knitting.  She could do and would do whatever I asked her to do.  It was always service with a smile.  Things were going well until she fell and broke her wrist last week.  She had mentioned to me several times prior to her incident that she could teach me how to knit, but I would change the subject because like I need something else on my plate which is already overflowing with things to do, right?  Well when she injured her wrist, it was either wait on the people on Etsy who are already bombarded with orders or just do it myself.  I was up for the challenge & here's some of what I have made.  Yes, I said some because there has been more, but you'll probably see some of it in another post. ;-)
Some good friends of ours is having a baby girl in the next couple of weeks...I made this hat and gifted it to them along with a gift certificate for a newborn session.
I made another hat for my session I had with a sweet baby on Sunday (I'm editing her pics now - you'll see the rest of sweet baby Cayson soon). 
Isn't she too yarn cute? (LOL, slapping my knee) 
At this point, I have mastered making beanie & toboggan hats (sizes newborn - adult) & even a scarf!
Keep checking here for more creations that will be featured in my baby sessions -  I'm officially a knitting, photographing fool!

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