Monday, January 10, 2011

Twin Girls: 4 Months

Unfortunately because of my camera malfunction & the holidays, mom of these 2 sweet baby girls couldn't get a shoot scheduled with me until January and took my first available appointment.  Let me add that she did attempt to take them to Sears & JCPenney (SCREAM) to hopefully satisfy her hunger for some eye candy over the holidays, but never could bring herself to pay for the prints (giggle).  She said you couldn't even see their big beautiful blue eyes. Now if you like Sears or JCPenney's portrait studio, that's okay, but it's not for everyone.  Moving on...

What I've learned from doing a few twin shoots lately is that 2 babies at the same time is not as easy as it looks.  Little advice for fellow photographers, if you do not have patience, multiple kids in one session is not for you.  I envy Anne Geddes and have no doubt that she spent all day on those photos where 8-10 babies are involved.   Kudos to you Ms. Geddes!

I have remarkable patience and can handle it, BUT I cannot guarantee a perfect shot of both of them looking at the camera in a pose you are going to drool over.  I just let them do their thing and try to grab some great candid shots (if they are awake - sleeping is a different story) and hopefully they won't punch each other in the face too often.

Paris & Paisley are 4 months old.   Mom and dad came to me for their photo shoot last Friday afternoon and we spent a few hours doing what we could to get some good shots.  I was determined to get those big beautiful blue eyes...and I did!  A few diaper & wardrobe changes, feedings and power naps later, we were done.  I hope that the shots are to mom & dad's satisfactory so that I can see them again real soon.



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