Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 - New Year is calling for Changes...

I'm sick & tired of the way I am!  There, I said [typed] it & although I would hate for someone else to say it to me, it's something I can say to myself.  Now that it's out of my system [fingers] - I'm taking action to change both spiritually & physically.   My inspiration/motivation?  That's simple.  God.  

A new year almost insist on a resolution (by the way, do resolutions ever get resolved?)  Here are 2 goals that will cure the "sickness" I have with myself:

1.   Read the Bible
2.   Lose Weight

Both of these goals are going to be challenging in that both will require daily self discipline & self motivation.   My tools that will help:

A.  My family attends The Rock church.  The Rock's Slogan:  Love God-Love People-Do Something About It.  The preacher has committed to help us read the entire Bible in 2011. Here's the link the church gave to get us started in the right direction.  Daily Bible Reading Plan
I followed the directions to sign up for free on YouVersion and I've been following along on my iPhone since January 1st.  Yay Me!!

B.   The second of my tools I just found this morning, but I'm already intrigued with what I've read.  It comes from K-Love,  a Christian radio station that is actually the majority of what we listen to in my car.  Seriously, I could not tell you what a popular rock or country song is b/c I NEVER listen to them.  This morning K-Love had Lysa TerKeurst on as a special guest.  She was promoting her book, Made to Crave, a guide to help you crave God and not food.  Thank God I was listening this morning b/c this is going to change my me...I just know it!  K-Love is posting daily entries on their blog directly from her book.  Today is Day 3 - if you want to join in go to this LINK and catch up - it's awesome!!

So, this IS going to work for me.  I think 2011 is going to be the absolute best year ever.

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