Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sydney Alexa {8 days new}

When I was baby planning, I knew if I had a boy that his name would definitely be Robert Eugene Todd, III.  We would call him Ret (his initials) so as not to confuse him with daddy and grand-daddy.  If it was a girl, I started off wanting the name to be Macy, but then it changed to Miller and/or Morgan.  Miller was a family name from my mother's side.  (I thought it only fair that we keep it in the family) Robert thought she would always hear jokes about "Miller Lite" so we compromised and settled on Morgan Miller Todd.  That's how my kids got their names :-)

On the blog now is my latest newborn session...she's been on the books for a couple of months.  It's so exciting when I get the call or email that baby has arrived.  I honestly think about it constantly from notification to session day....& I shop for new props and graze Pinterest for inspiration until then ;-)

Have to give a shout out to my husband for all of his help when I am preparing for a newborn session.  He never complains about having to get the gender specific totes and backdrop accessories out of our storage shed & our coat/prop closet.  Nor does he complain about loading it all in the car or when I have him spray paint a prop for me (Doesn't the pink basket look adorable?)  Thanks babe!!

And Sydney Alexa couldn't have been a better model for me.  She slept almost the entire session and was so cooperative with the moving and repositioning.  A photographer's dream!!
Sweet little Sydney Alexa was welcomed into this big ole' world by her mommy, daddy & big sister (& other extended family).  BE-A-UTIFUL family.  I mean, look at these gorgeous kids...

I encourage you to go and look at all the pics from her session HERE 

Thanks guys for welcoming me into your home to spend time with your precious new baby.  You all were so helpful and such a fun crowd to hang with.  It's wonderful to see all the many blessings that God has graciously provided you with.  I hope to see you again real soon!

PS- I couldn't help, but post this pic of a little feeding break we took that ultimately turned into a poopy diaper.  Proof that when adjusting to a new one...It takes a village.  heeheehee!