Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The first look.

There's a lot of buzz in the photography world about "the first look".  I have become a big fan.  We have all been to a wedding.  You know the WAIT after the ceremony and before the reception where the wedding party is taking pictures and the wedding guests are enjoying the cocktail hour?  mmm-hmmmm
The first look eliminates that wait AND it's a great way for the bride & groom to settle their nerves and anticipation before the big walk down the aisle.  
The first look is completely personal and intimate.  It's only me, my assistant, the bride and the groom.  We set it up to where one of their backs is to the other, then they turn around to see each other on my command.  The bride and groom get to embrace one another and compliment how beautiful they each look.  They take as long as they need and then we can move forward with formal pictures including them with their bridal party and family members.  It works out great!
The bride and groom from my New Year's Eve wedding decided to do the first look.  So glad especially because they had an evening wedding and we were able to do a lot of the formal pictures outside in the natural light.  We even had about a hour to just hang out & relax before the ceremony even started.  After the ceremony, we went straight to the reception.  Worked out great!
Still not convinced "the first look" is a good idea?  Maybe these photos will sway your opinion...

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