Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Waiting Game.

It's been a week since my Nikon left me to take her journey to the Nikon Service Center.  I haven't heard from her, I'm sure she's okay...

Even though I had to cancel some sessions, this time away from her has given me a chance to process some orders, work on some special requests from some extra special clients (you know who you are) and focus on my own walls.

I was so happy with the way the photos of my kids turned out.  I was certain that they were going to be completely uncooperative & I would sit and stare at the images in disgust.  But to my surprise, I like them...I REALLY like them.  I decided to replace some frames on my walls with canvases - 4 canvases of my camera hogs ;-)
I went to a photography workshop a couple of weeks ago and one of the speakers said "Why wouldn't you want to replace that print from Pottery Barn or Pier One with a beautiful portrait of your own family?"  You have to admit, she has a point!

So here's my vision....

Yes, one 20x32 & three 10x13 canvases have been ordered.

As you know from this prior post, I've been experimenting with my studio/photography packaging.  Here's an update on that situation.

Loving my bags from Hobby Lobby.  Yes, I stocked up & bought every one they had in Florence & Columbia (giggle).

Jingle Bells have been attached to my Christmas card orders this year.  Gotta love the $1 Stop at Target!

And I am smitten with my thank you tags.  They are the mini moo cards from

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