Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

Wow, a week without a can tell that my camera has been M-I-A huh?  That, and the fact that Christmas is just a super busy time of the year - everyone is ready for cards and photo gifts so I don't really get that much time behind the camera anyway.  I'm pretty sure that I am going to coin the term that "busy" is just a lifestyle lifestyle & I'm sure you all can relate.

**************NEWS FLASH********* she's baaa-ack!  That's right people, this camera lady is back in business.  Well, not officially, but starting December 26, it's back behind the camera for me - literally.  I have a shoot scheduled the day after Christmas!  I'm actually pretty excited about it.

I promised that I would post our Christmas card for this year.  All mine have gone out so the cat's out the bag....this is it!
I love it, but I think I'll go with something different than a 5x5 next year.  It's not a "standard" size so it cost 20 extra pennies to mail it and man, $0.64 does add up when you have to mail to half of Horry County!!  ;-)

Got our first round of gifts this past weekend while my twin sister and her family came home for 5 wonderful days!!  Spending time with Janet makes my heart sing with pure and utter JOY & we act like we're 10 again when we are's terrificle!  Here are some pics from our Christmas celebration with my side of the family.  

Here's a quick introduction of the clan from left to right, my sister with her husband and two kids, my brother and his fiance, mom & dad, me and hubby & our children.

It's the most wonderful time of the year....
#1 - God's son was born. Happy birthday Jesus!
#2 - Robert & I celebrate our wedding anniversary on December 23rd!  This time 10 years ago, we were getting ready to make a public proclamation of just how much we loved each other in front of a small church full of family & friends.  2 days before Christmas 10 years ago - it was COLD, I had long hair, Robert had hair (giggle), I was around 8 weeks pregnant with Morgan, my sister was planning her wedding that followed 3 months & one day later.  We vowed to love each other & stay together until we enter God's kingdom where we will be husband and wife until eternity because I'm positive that we were created specifically for each other and for our children.  I really am such a lucky gal.

Lots of fun planned from now until Christmas including some snow tubing and more family time.  More pics to come!
I pray that everyone really enjoys this Christmas season and remembers to send birthday wishes to our wonderful Savior, even share the gift of love by exercising a small, random act of kindness to someone - it feels so good!  It's no wonder our God is so gracious!

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