Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mr. Liam {5 days new}

I was so excited to meet Mr. Liam.  I met his daddy last year as my daughter's 4th grade teacher and through facebook, I have been able to keep up with mom's prenatal progress.  And yes, I selfishly admit to giving my daughter a business card with a newborn pic on it to give to her teacher last year when I knew they were expecting.  So glad that I did! ;-)
It means a lot to me to be chosen as the photographer who comes in to do the newborn session. I am well aware of all the overwhelming factors that is present when you bring your brand new baby home.  For a new mommy and daddy to welcome me into their home just a couple days after they arrive from the hospital really is humbling.  Thank you Mogus family for trusting me with your precious baby boy and for allowing me to document him at such an early age.  I do hope to see you all again soon!
Meet Mr. Liam.

The next setup was a request of dad's.  He wanted to incorporate his high school mit & the Red Sox.  Liam's nursery is a Red Sox theme...

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