Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Miss Mallory's Sneak Peek {5 days new}

Had a visit with a sweet little newborn & her family over the weekend.  I met Mallory when she was 5 days old and slightly more than 5 lbs.  She's got a lot of growing to do to catch up with her 2 brothers, but I'm sure that won't take long because we all know just how fast these little miracles grow!
It wasn't too long ago I was photographing middle brother, Kyle's, newborn pics (as a matter of fact I still stare at his newborn pic every day b/c I framed one & have it sitting on my desk - it's one of those sessions I was pretty proud of)
Before we really got started with Miss Mallory's session, we tried to get the boys into a shot with their new baby sis.  It's pretty tough getting the boys in their place (at their ages) all while keeping an eye out for baby girl.  I'm not sure if this is what mom wanted - I know the boys aren't in focus, but the minute I saw it I loved it!  I love the fact that baby girl is in focus while the boys are blurred in the background - the session was all about her anyway ;-)

 Before I left, Mallory's mom asked me to think about what I felt should be displayed on the wall in Mallory's nursery.  With that in mind while editing, it came down to one of the last shots I had in post-processing.  I kept thinking about Mallory's adorable little nursery and how there were chocolate brown walls and hot pink walls and decided on this image.  I gave it a chocolate tone to match the theme in her room - this will look fantastic in her nursery!

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