Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Calhoun's {Portrait Party}

DRUMROLL PLEASE!  Sneak Peek of Mini Session #18 - the final session from this wonderful day...  

There are not enough "thank you's" for the wonderful hostess of this portrait party.  I'm happy to mention this was Amy's 4th portrait party with me & because of her I've gained extra time behind the camera and have met some wonderful people in the process.  Amy goes above & beyond the call of her hostess duty - she emails me a spreadsheet complete with all the appointments including their info (so that's one less thing I have to collect on the morning of the party).  We broke a record with 18 mini sessions...she stuck with me the entire day; from 8:30am to 7:00pm with one small 30 minute break - full of smiles & songs & bribes ;-)  What's incredible is she hosted the party and gave up her spot for someone else.  Needless to say, she'll be using her hostess credit towards her own session in the near future.  

A special thank you also to everyone who took a little time out of their day to come & be with us.  I sure hope you enjoy your photos as much as I do!  

If you are curious as to who showed up - just CLICK HERE.

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