Monday, May 2, 2011

Baby Addison {6 weeks new}

This is the oldest newborn I've had in a while...6 weeks old  [FYI:  newborn sessions should be scheduled when baby is less than 10 days old.]   I know mom was thinking that I didn't get any shots of Miss Addison by the time I left because Miss Addison just didn't want to sleep a real long time once she got in front of the camera.  So I hope this little preview reassures mom that the shoot went just fine - Addison is a doll!

Confession:  I've become a prop junkie.  Seriously, you should see the stuff I bring to a session with me (giggle). This adorable hat was made by a very good friend of mine.   Thanks Kay!

Kay also made this shabby chic headband for me...

Got these little rabbit ears before Easter in hopes that I would have somebunny to wear it.  Oh well, it's still so stinking cute no matter what month it is!

And this little yellow cupcake hat was just something I whipped up before I went to bed last night.  

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