Saturday, May 4, 2013

Another Day at the Office

 2013 Regional Qualifiers:  Ashley (level 8), Morgan (level 7), Tess (level 8)

 ^Morgan ^

 ^Ashley  ^ 

^Tess ^

These 3 gymnasts made their way on my backdrop while I was at their gym doing pics for a dance studio.  I was honored to snap a few of them showing off a bit.

Gymnastics is a big part of my family's life.  My girl, Morgan, trains along with her team 5 days a week, 3 hours a day all year long.  She's literally had a lot of bumps and bruises along the way, but has pushed through and accomplished so much.  It's a great feeling to see your child reach their goals and then strive to do more.    

The hubby and I made Morgan take a different outlook on competing at her state meet.  Sometimes her focus can be too much on her routines and while we like that focus, we wanted her to remember how blessed she is to be able to do what she does.  We wanted her to also realize how blessings come in so many different shapes and sizes.  Taking that into consideration, we wanted her to compete for someone or something other than herself.   The night before her state meet, she informed us that she was competing for God because she was using the gifts He gave her, and two other special girls her age that are not able to do gymnastics, but inspire Morgan by facing challenges and overcoming some difficult odds.     

She just wrapped up her level 7 competition season with awesome results at her state meet.  I made a little video of her routines at the SC state meet and if you are interested in seeing them just click HERE.  Her scores at the state meet landed her a position on South Carolina's Level 7 Regional Team.  

At South Carolina's state meet, they look at all the level 7 gymnasts scores.  This year SC had 97 level 7 gymnasts.  24 gymnasts advance to the regional championships based on their scores; Top 8 make up South Carolina's official "team" and the other 16 compete as a "Level 7 All-Star".

She was so excited to go to regionals.  The opportunity to be surrounded by the best gymnasts from SC, NC, AL, FL, GA, LA, MS and TN was an amazing experience.  Morgan competed very well at regionals - had her highest scoring meet as a Level 7 gymnast - those girls definitely brought out the best in her.

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