Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Reids

Once again, it gives me the greatest joy to be able to capture moments for my [twin] sister and her gorgeous family.  Just looking at these photos makes me smile.  I'm smiling now.
I think the greatest photographs show real emotion.  Laughing, joking and being silly and not worrying about the camera/photographer smiling back at you.  *no cutie pie, freckle-faced little boys were harmed during this session* Still smiling.
My sweet & sassy niece, Lyndi.  This little ladybug is gonna make my sister's hair turn grey wayyyyy before mine does. ;-)  I may be a little prejudice, but I think she's incredibly beautiful.
And without any direction at all, they bust out this little shot and it's undeniably perfect.  My smile has now transformed into a perma-grin with a little bit of fluid in the eyes. ;-)

 That freckle-faced nephew has the most loving nature.  If you need a hug, just ask him.
 Okay now they are just showing off.  They canNOT take a bad picture.


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