Monday, April 23, 2012


I don't beg my kids too much for a real photo session.  Yeah, I did the themed Christmas cards last year, but I didn't have anything that I wanted to replace frames or canvases with.  I did take 5 minutes on Saturday and 5 minutes on Sunday (yep 5 minutes) to get a good shot of both of them.  I didn't even plan it - Me and the kids had opened an upstairs window to talk to Robert while he was down below in the yard and I looked behind me and instantly recognized the yummy light on Morgan's face.  I said to her "stay right here".  I grabbed my camera then returned to my spot by the window and took about 20 shots of her.  I liked what I got so much I decided to put Ret in the same spot the next day for something similar.

I said all that to show you these.  They are mine.  Happy Monday!

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