Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Miss Emery {sneak peek}

You may recognize this little lady...She's a repeat ;-)   This time we are celebrating her 2nd birthday.  I adore shooting this little girl (& her big sister).  Their mom is a high school friend of mine and loves to help create these images just as much as I do.  She always coordinates with me beforehand and we brainstorm about the sessions.  I LOVE THAT!
& I love these images...

Miss Emery matches my logo perfectly doesn't she?

I know that mom is a follower of my blog.  She has let me know a time or two when I've slacked off so I know she's been checking everyday for the past week for Miss Emery's pics.  Brooke, I hope you enjoy the sneak peek & thank you for ALL your help and support!

XOXO, Marcia 

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