Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ellie Brooke {sneak peek}

Ellie Brooke - 5 weeks new when I met her.  She slept good for a little bit, but I woke her up to change the backdrop (a downside to photographing babies who are more than 2 weeks old)  It really was a great session nonetheless.  I was welcomed into her great-grandparents home where I sat and chatted with Ellie Brooke's mom while Ellie Brooke settled back down.  We were all nice and toasty in an 80 degree room (that I requested).  Once Ellie Brooke went back to sleep, I was able to capture that sweet slumber and those gorgeous lips!

 I would have to say that the next image is my wall portrait pick.
{sigh} love this face!  I hope to see her again when she's sitting up ;-)

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