Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hadden | 8 Days New

I've had this shoot on my books now for a couple of months anticipating baby Hadden's arrival.  I love when expecting mothers get in touch with me beforehand to make sure I know to be expecting them as well.  It lets me know that they want these moments captured just as much as I want to capture them.  

A photographer I stalk said it the best by saying,
The thing about what I do is that it comes from inside...I mean, I do have a business - being paid for it doesn't suck ;) But at the end of the day what really matters..what I do it for...I do it to capture the things that I find too precious to let go in a momentary glance.  I want to capture my daughter's eyelashes before there comes a time they are covered in mascara every day.  I want to capture my sons adorable round, soft cheeks before they give way to a chiseled jaw line & whiskers.  So many things that my memory may forget that these images can remember.  
Introducing a precious little peanut, Baby Hadden...

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