Friday, September 24, 2010

2 Days Until We Set Sail!

A senior shoot & a maternity session is on my schedule before me & the hubby take the kids on a Disney Cruise.  That's right, as of Sunday I'm on va-ca-tion!  According to my calculations, I have had a YTD total of 52 sessions, 4 weddings & 5 portrait parties - WOW - seeing the numbers makes my jaw drop.  I cannot believe how busy I've been and thank God for the work and for the people I've met through my photography this year.  Thanks everyone!! 
Soooo, I came across a big sale that a local swimwear store was having and couldn't pass up the deals (everyone knows I'm a bargain hunter).  Is this why it's called a SUITcase?
I admit, that's too many suits to take with me (I said it was a "big" sale).  I intend on downsizing a bit, but it's not going to be easy b/c I love all my new suits.  Besides, I have to make some room for my camera ;-)
Our vacation is going to be like a deep inhale because when I get back, it-is-ON!  The next 2 months I'm literally going to be shooting, editing, shooting, editing.....10 sessions on the book & 4 portrait parties.  December is dedicated to my family and Jesus' birth unless something can't wait.
Back to packing!

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  1. I LURVE having a swimsuit for everyday I'm on vacay. But right now the pot belly wouldn't be so hot in a two piece!! Have fun.