Friday, September 14, 2012

It's Me, Marcia!

I love looking at behind the scene shots that photographers post on facebook or their blog.  Sometimes it confirms how I pictured in my mind they would be during a session OR it confirms that I am normal in my quirky ways of shooting.  Never been able to do that before 


Many thanks to my dearest friend, Tiff, who is a photographer in the making.  She invested in a Nikon and she's been tagging along with me for my sessions.  I've been showing her the ropes of photography.  I gave her a crash course on ISO, shutter speed, exposure and aperture & told her "don't you dare turn that dial to Auto, it's Manual or Bust!"   I'm not sure if it's my awesome teaching skills or just her God-given talent, but she is doing great.  Oh and Tiff, there will be a quiz next week ;-)

Here's the cool part...I now have behind-the-scene photos.  YAY!!
These photos are courtesy of my student, Tiffany.  SOTC (straight out the camera)...(Tiffany's camera)    We haven't even touched on editing yet.  In time...

Welcome to my world.  

Note:  Flexibility is a good quality to have if you are a photographer.

Along with behind-the-scene shots comes the good, the bad and yes.....the ugly.

She got to experience a newborn session.

This is me - explaining window light and prime lenses.  Cue her test shot...

And a beach session...

I admit it, I like my mentoring sessions.  I'm not opposed to sharing at all.  I'm actually flattered that she has asked me to help her in pursuing something she loves to do.  In fact, I am getting really spoiled having her with me during my sessions. I sure hope she's a slow learner.


  1. Awesome! And I LOVE your hair!!!!! Makes me want to cut all mine off :)