Friday, February 11, 2011

Preview of Scarlett & Zeke

I am blessed with beautiful nieces & nephews.  You better believe that Aunt Marcia is going to grab every opportunity to get photos of them too.  It's such great practice for me and it's just another excuse for me to spend time with my family ;-)

I spent some time with Scarlett & Zeke yesterday.   
Here's a sample of the shots I got of Zeke who is now 3 months old and still smells so so sweet.  Yes, he's sporting a Marcia Todd Photography original hat...

Scarlett, almost 3, was in her normal "dress-up" mode.  I call her my Fancy Nancy.  She's so cool and she has the biggest imagination of any kid I know...

I'll post more of these two later.  I think maybe I was just having blog post withdrawal (which I believe to be a real side effect to non-blogging).  Whew, I feel better now ;-)

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